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Compliance Drives Consistency

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Compliance can be a tricky term. Too often we forget that the work we do is not a given, that every decision to spend […]

NISO and NFAIS Merger Announced

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Recently plans were released to merge NISO (National Information Standards Organization) and NFAIS (National Federation of Advanced Information Services) this summer. This interesting news came to us from […]

Maintaining Data Quality

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Data collection is at the core of the Census Bureau’s mandate. They are also part of an underfunded federal operation whose work is of […]

Going Digital

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Remember when digital scanners were the latest and greatest? Well, maybe they still are. State Tech magazine brought this interesting information to our attention […]

The Value of Standards

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Consistency is so important in every aspect of business. When considering the software tools and systems to best support efficient and collaborative document control […]

Ontologies and Standards

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Standards. Expectations to live up to or guidebooks to live by? In the world of technology, the answer is yes – to both. Forbes […]

Internet of Things Presents Risks

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The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, collecting and […]

Open Source in Scholarly Publishing

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With STM Week in the rear view mirror, it is a good opportunity to look back at this year’s event and the year as a […]