Better data sharing. Dare I say, duh? This feels like we are preaching to the choir, but Scholarly Kitchen brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “The Need to Simplify Indexing and Data Sharing.”

The current system for indexing and sharing content and data has room for improvements. More efficiency and better democratic scientific publishing, to start.

The complexity of indexing and sharing data with repositories and other third parties can be a huge barrier to surmount for smaller operations. Managing metadata agreements, setting up data feeds, and adding metadata is a time-consuming task, but necessary.

For well-established journals and societies, the internal resources may be there. However, smaller and newer publications may struggle with not just the financial resources, but also the staff know-how to choose and maintain industry standard technology and processes.

This isn’t a new concern or challenge, but one that should be discussed and solutions proposed.

Melody K. Smith

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