A smart city is a concept that uses technology to improve governance, planning, management, and livability of a city by gathering real-time data. There are more and more smart cities popping up over the United States and the world. This interesting topic came to us from Smart Cities World in their article, “Towards the smart cities of 2025.”

The drive for smarter cities is growing as municipalities tackle critical challenges in areas such as public and environmental health, safety and security, mobility, and more.

Experts estimate that trillions of gigabytes of data is generated daily, making data the new currency. Data provides insights which can help cities become smarter by helping predict where, when, and how city assets might behave, as well as plan for growth, maintenance, and infrastructure development. By creating and using data-rich, digital city models, cities can design and build in the context of what exists to better understand and test future projects before they are built.

Melody K. Smith

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