Developing a classification system organized into conceptually similar categories can help users gain a better understanding of any taxonomy subject area. How the content is classified impacts the findability of your data. Automated Buildings brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Establishing a Smart Building Industry Standard.”

Today’s construction industry is colliding with the technology world as they work to build smart buildings and smart cities. As an industry they are seeking to provide clarity and chart a path to the future. Challenges include distinguishing between technological architectures and also communicating on a mutually understood foundation with customers, investors, and the public.

They are proposing a leveled taxonomy with developed language to discuss the future of the industry, the control systems, and the buildings. In this, and all taxonomy-development situations, professionals should look for an experienced builder of solid standards-based taxonomies to associate content for appropriate machine-assisted indexing. Access Innovations can provide solutions that are ANSI compliant.

Melody K. Smith

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