Business leaders today are forced to make strategic decisions without the luxury of time to ponder significant outcomes and make momentous changes to their organizations or processes in real-time. This necessitates that businesses manage risks and leverage opportunities with speed, accuracy and efficiency. Are they ready? Business World brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Digital audits: the advantages add up.

This is where a digital audit can prove its benefits. Auditors have an unparalleled view of all the aspects of a business — both up-close from an operational standpoint, as well as from a larger perspective in the global business environment. This combination of views allows auditors to be well-placed to advise businesses on possible risks.

The massive volume of data generated through data sharing platforms can make identifying risks more challenging. The evolution of technology now allows auditors to focus on areas that require judgment, which makes the case for data analytics-driven audits.

Melody K. Smith

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