Technologies can be used to enhance life and businesses. Emerging digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are being used to empower community health workers, with the potential of saving the lives of at least six million children and women in ten countries by 2030. The Next Web brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “How data science could save 6 million lives from preventable death by 2030.

This big promise comes from the Rockefeller Foundation
 initiative which will be piloted in Uganda and India for its first phase that runs from this year to 2022. It will be expanded to eight other countries by 2030 in regions with a high need or high incidence of maternal mortality and which can sustain the use of digital tools such as 
mobile phones and the internet.

The Precision Public Health project’s goal is to prevent and treat diseases  and they are using data for creating effective interventions to address the health needs of populations, with a focus on mothers.

Melody K. Smith

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