Australia has been working on revolutionizing their digital record keeping practices for more than three years. Recently they announced another shift in direction. Image and Data Manager brought this topic to us in their article, “Finance takes a new path to digital recordkeeping nirvana.”

Finance is asking for vendors to submit to a co-design process to achieve their still-stated goal of a next generation technology platform to automate the practice of keeping records.

There is an industry concern that the co-design approach puts a disproportionately heavy burden on subject matter experts (SMEs).

“It’s a much heavier burden for SMEs to jump through these ever-changing hoops than it is for the majors. This approach will produce a heavy bias toward larger players and multinationals and will further hurt local records management technology providers/vendors/suppliers,” noted one Solution Provider.

They have also asked that all proposed digital record keeping solutions are compatible with the Australian Government Records Interoperability Framework (AGRIF), a new standard that it is developing but is yet to be completed.

This is definitely a wait and see situation in record keeping to see how it develops.

Melody K. Smith

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