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Finding New Among the Old

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Indexing is becoming one of the key information management methods. That is not new news. The fascination of categorizing and putting vast information in a findable form is what drives good taxonomy building.

Cost Reduction Options for Hospitals

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Many are concerned about the cost of healthcare, patients and hospitals alike. Cuts in Medicare funding, increases in insurance premiums, and new federal requirements […]

From Simple to Complex

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People talk about different kinds of vocabularies. The differences usually have to do with the structure, or lack thereof. Sometimes, people refer to “flat lists”. These are one-level lists with no hierarchical structure. They can be uncontrolled or controlled lists. An uncontrolled list is a simple, flat structure. The uncontrolled list is your “Saturday list”.

Pre or Post-Coordinate Indexing?

Most people think about what they want to search for and are willing to combine their concepts at the time of search. If you think of the way people search in Google, they put in the combination of terms they are thinking of; they are doing the coordination of terms. It is up to the search software to do the intersection of the terms for them and figure out the post-coordination.

Adventures of a TaxoTourist

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The trip was awesome—a dream exotic vacation to Bali. It was not about eat, pray, love, but a rather unbalanced midpoint to meet my Oz-dwelling daughter. I enjoyed dashes of ecotourism and agritourism, but even in full vacation mode I couldn’t fully suppress my perspective as a taxonomist.

The Power Of Survey Taxonomies To Skew The Results The Way You Want Them

I went to the doctor’s office this week and they asked if I would participate in a short Federal survey. I said sure. What followed was beyond frustrating.

Thesaurus from – and for – the Farm

The USDA has announced release of the 2011 edition of the on-line NAL Agricultural Thesaurus and Glossary (NALT). This release adds 3,441 new terms and 321 definitions to these vocabulary tools.

A Well-Constructed Thesaurus

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A thesaurus is a special type of controlled vocabulary, which is itself a list of specifically selected terms to represent a set of concepts - concepts described in an electronic collection of documents, podcasts, captioned photos, emails, or other types of content.

10 Reasons To Resolve To Create A Taxonomy For Your Business In 2011

Just in time for New Year’s, we have compiled a list of 10 reasons for companies to resolve to create a taxonomy for their business in 2011. Because many businesses are unsure about how a taxonomy could benefit them, we believe offering some actual examples will be useful.

Best Practices for Creating and Maintaining a Thesaurus with Thesaurus Master or MAIstro

by Barbara Gilles, Access Innovations thesaurian

Observing the practices described below for building a thesaurus will help ensure:

Effective searches to enable actual retrieval
A rich and […]