Indexing is becoming one of the key information management methods. That is not new news. The fascination of categorizing and putting vast information in a findable form is what drives good taxonomy building.

This subject of the order of things triggered the discussion recently when, Access  Innovations’ president, Margie Hlava, sat down with Steve Arnold, a technology and financial analyst, owner of ArnoldIT and writer of Beyond Search.

Novelty detection is deployed when you are looking for new terms and uses in the community. Calling old things by new names, creating acronyms, etc. happens every day, but they are not new. So finding “novel” terms is sometimes difficult.

Making it even more complicated, term combinations happen to provide a new way to look at old things. Term mining applications are deployed to work through this maze.

This interesting discussion and approach is worth listening to in full. Listen to the complete podcast here.

Melody K. Smith

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