February 1, 2011 – The USDA has announced release of the 2011 edition of the on-line NAL Agricultural Thesaurus and Glossary (NALT). This release adds 3,441 new terms and 321 definitions to these vocabulary tools.

Per their web article, “USDA’s National Agricultural Library Releases 2011 Edition of Thesaurus,” terminology in the new edition has been expanded in areas associated with nanotechnology, food safety risk assessment and sustainable agriculture.

The primary uses of the thesaurus and glossary are indexing and improving the retrieval of agricultural information, as well as a resource for students, teachers, writers, etc. who are seeking precise definitions of words from the agricultural sciences.

The NALT has a great reputation for being a thorough resource and would stand on its own as a great example of good cataloging.  

Melody K. Smith

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