Archiving History with Intent

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The New York Times is digitizing millions of historical photos dating back to 1896. The Times hopes that by digitizing and archiving its photo […]

Foundation for Findability

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Archiving and saving memories exists in our every day lives, both at home and at work. We create memories in a variety of ways. […]

Security Issues with Destroyed Data

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Lane County Health & Human Services in Oregon recently reported that they lost archived medical information of more than 700 patients. Health Data Management brought […]

Indexing the Past

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Officials of one small town are looking for some professional help to preserve records. These aren’t just your ordinary county clerk records; some of […]

Digital Preservation for Scholarly Publishing

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Scientific print-publishing has never been a speedy process. It has long been a slow and cumbersome one. However, one associate editor at one of the very […]

Indexing History

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In the information science world, “indexing”  denotes various methods for organizing data so that it is easily searchable.  To a student, however, the word […]

Art, Social Protest and Archives

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When you think of art and archives, protest signs don’t often come to mind. Fortunately, many of the signs from Boston’s first Women’s March […]