Security Issues with Destroyed Data

Security Issues with Destroyed Data

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Lane County Health & Human Services in Oregon recently reported that they lost archived medical information of more than 700 patients. Health Data Management brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Oregon agency loses boxed records of more than 700 patients.”

This may seem shocking, but in the days of paper record keeping this is not that unusual, especially for smaller providers. In the past when providers would retire their records would often be put in storage and forgotten. Protected health information in the files included medical histories, addresses, contact information and Social Security numbers.

However, in this digital age it is a different story. Granted, paper records are archived and may have been inadvertently destroyed as part of routine document management. In this case, because destruction cannot be verified, written notification was sent to all affected patients. There could be long-term and adverse effects with credit reports, identity thefts, etc.

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