Data Governance and Diversity

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Data governance refers to the set of laws, policies, regulations, authorities and decision-making structures that guide how enterprises collect, share and use data to inform […]

Data and Diversity

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The rich variety of data that enterprises generate contains valuable insights, and data analytics is the way to unlock them. Data analytics can help an organization […]

Future of Data Science

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Data science continues to evolve as one of the most promising and in-demand career paths for skilled professionals. In today’s business environment, data is […]

Digital Comfort Zones

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Diversity and digital are not two words you generally see in the same sentence. Tech Crunch brought this interesting topic to our attention in […]

Ethics, Diversity and the Tech World

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Ethical issues face professionals in all occupations. Some are more obvious and more destructive than others. Those who work in machine learning, data science, […]

Using AI to Increase Diversity in AI?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven beneficial in many industries and applications. Interestingly, if applied properly, AI has the potential to help bridge the diversity […]

Open Source and Diversity

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Have you ever played that game about brands? Who owns whom? We live in an age of corporate consolidation. Big companies continue to acquire […]