Data governance refers to the set of laws, policies, regulations, authorities and decision-making structures that guide how enterprises collect, share and use data to inform decisions. Effective data governance grows out of data management maturity. What does it have to do with diversity or equity? This interesting topic came to us from the Business Journal from Grand Rapids, Michigan in their article, “DEI and data governance: maintaining a fairer work environment.”

Debates involving data governance typically center around issues of privacy. What user data can be shared? Who should it be shared with? How do we keep our private data secure?

In 2022, experts in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) serve a critical function: uncovering systemic biases and offering practical solutions for promoting and maintaining a fairer work environment. Humans who design data systems are biased in some way. It’s easy to overlook this in digital data collections, even though academics have been calling attention to the issue for decades.

Melody K. Smith

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