The rich variety of data that enterprises generate contains valuable insights, and data analytics is the way to unlock them. Data analytics can help an organization with everything from personalizing a marketing pitch for an individual customer to identifying and mitigating risks to its business. Data analytics can also help an organization take positive steps toward diversity. The CEO Magazine brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Breaking down bias: how businesses can leverage data to power diversity.”

Data and analytic leaders must invest in diversity and inclusion initiatives to overcome talent gaps and fuel innovation. Leveraging data to power diversity is a prime way to allow innovation to flourish. However, it’s key for that data to be actioned into meaningful insights.

Data and analytics is the centerpiece of digital transformation and needs diversity to drive innovation and overcome challenges. The gender (and other forms of diversity) gap requires leaders to think of strategies to retain and manage people from diverse backgrounds and build a culture of inclusion.

Melody K. Smith

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