Diversity and digital are not two words you generally see in the same sentence. Tech Crunch brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Digital transformation depends on diversity.”

Many companies are struggling to make meaningful progress to grow its diversity and digital footprints. An organization that truly reflects the population it serves at all levels or a truly digital organization means that the world of work as we know it will be completely different.

The last 16 months of social distancing and remote working has affirmed the fact that we will have to work and communicate in new and different ways going forward. We were pushed out of our comfort zone.

One of the myths about digital transformation is that it’s all about harnessing technology. To succeed, digital transformation inherently requires and relies on diversity. Leadership will not find their answer in data or charts, but in people. People are the most important part of artificial intelligence because humans created it.

Melody K. Smith

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