Taxonomies provide consistency in terms and categories to enable findability in content. This is true regardless of the subject – even gaming. This interesting topic came to us from Game Industry Biz in their article, “Beyond genre: Using taxonomy data to build your next big game.”

When conceptualizing or creating a game, the elements are critical and making the decision of what stays and what goes can be a challenge. Experts recommend you look at the data for evidence and support of your decision making process.

However, even with large sets of data available, it is difficult to understand how a specific mechanic or art style choice can influence a game’s performance. One solution is to utilize a taxonomy system that allows you to view the data through any lens, allowing for actionable analysis.

The taxonomy breaks down the core elements into consistent categories with a controlled language. Leveraging the power of this taxonomy can go a long way in your development.

Melody K. Smith

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