The Evolution of Data Scientists

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The demand for big data, artificial intelligence, (AI) and other cutting-edge technologies are surging in the market. This results in a growth in data […]

Let’s Take a Road Trip

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The 2019 Road Trip Symposium, hosted by the Route 66 Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLA), features a keynote address by Stephen Abram, librarian […]

Digital Curriculum

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Digital technology is commonplace in education these days, beginning earlier than you can imagine. Kindergartners are being introduced to technological learning aids through the use […]

Academic Publishing and Their Editors

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There are many challenges in and around academic or scholarly publishing – open access, firewalls, plagiarism, etc. Editing is at the heart of scholarly […]

Standards and Taxonomies

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Consistency is so important in every aspect of business. When considering the software tools and systems to best support efficient and collaborative document control […]

Open Access and Ownership

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Open access has been a hot topic of late. Our friends over at The Scholarly Kitchen brought this interesting information to us in their article, […]

Social Justice and Knowledge Organization

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My world can be a juxtaposition of social issues and technological insights. Once in a great while, those two worlds collide. This interesting topic came […]

Taxonomy Under Attack

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Taxonomy is the science of naming, describing and classifying. Typically you think of taxonomies when it comes to organisms such as plants, animals and […]

The Dark Side of Social Media

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Social media is a fantastic tool to connect personally with friends and family, and groups with common interests. For businesses, social media can make […]

Can Taxonomies Evolve?

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I recently read an article about a debate around the appropriate pieces of what is classified as a sandwich. No, I am not joking.

Jimmy […]