The demand for big data, artificial intelligence, (AI) and other cutting-edge technologies are surging in the market. This results in a growth in data sets. So much so that not only data science but data scientists are also expected to evolve with time to meet the industry demand. Analytics Insight brought this interesting information to us in their article, “The Significant Analysis of Data Scientist Evolution in Years Ahead.”

The digital revolution in technology has changed the whole landscape of the data science industry. Organizations are trying to include a more varied skill set selection in their ecosystem. This includes data science leaders.

There is a growing fear of AI adoption resulting in reduction of workforce. People are worried that technologies will make the work of data scientists obsolete in a few years. In reality, a huge volume of data is being generated daily and this will only grow. A data scientist is not interested in managing this huge amount of data alone. This is where AI will be of significant help.

Melody K. Smith

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