Digital technology is commonplace in education these days, beginning earlier than you can imagine. Kindergartners are being introduced to technological learning aids through the use of tablets and laptops. Of course, they were introduced to it first by their parents using their mobile phones as babysitters. This interesting topic came to us from Inside Higher Education in their article, “Going Digital by Knowing Digital.”

So it is safe to say that no student will pass through higher education without seeing or using digital technology. One school in New York – decided their students needed more than just exposure.

Keuka is one of several institutions using digital literacy as a frame for a stronger focus on using technology tools in classrooms. Such initiatives require support from faculty members, who can be somewhat reluctant to rethink their approach to teaching or incorporate new material into their learning objectives.

Of course, this also requires an investment of time and resources to best integrate digital literacy concepts into curricula.

Melody K. Smith

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