Gender Equity in Science

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This past week marked an important celebration and no, I don’t mean Valentine’s Day. Tuesday, February 11th was International Day of Women and Girls in […]

NASA Releases New Technology Taxonomy

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NASA has officially released the 2020 NASA Technology Taxonomy. This very interesting news came to us from Space Ref in their article, “Notice of Release […]

Path to Supported Scholarly Societies

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There are many perceptions about scholarly societies; some are accurate and some- not so much. The Scholarly Kitchen brought this interesting topic to us in […]

Open Access in 2020

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2020 is here and the list of predictions for all things are being produced. It is no different for academic publishing. The Scientist brought […]

Digital Marketers Need Restraint

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What is a digital marketer? An organization that earns millions in revenue from the data they collect on previous, current and future digital consumers. This […]

The Relationship Between Researchers and Scientists is Unique

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A former scientist, turned publisher, Dr. Milka Kostic poses a question and gives some answers about the give and take between publishers and researchers. The […]

Last Minute Learning Opportunity

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Tomorrow – October 23, 2019 – the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) is offering a webinar entitled, “Are There Finally Real Use Cases for […]

The Role of Scholarly Societies

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Communities exist in various forms and fashions. Spiritual, educational, and occupational. This interesting information came to our attention from The Scholarly Kitchen in their […]

Publishing and Digital Conundrum

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As digital content continues to rise in popularity over the years, it is assumed that convenience and cost are the main drivers. Even though print […]