A former scientist, turned publisher, Dr. Milka Kostic poses a question and gives some answers about the give and take between publishers and researchersThe Scholarly Kitchen brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “What Do Researchers Want from Publishers? An Interview with Dr Milka Kostic.”

After hearing her keynote on How to make scholarly publishing better at this year’s Annual Editorial Manager User Group (EMUG) Meeting in Boston, MA, Dr Kostic* was invited to share her thoughts with The Scholarly Kitchen’s readers.

Both researchers and publishers strive to make a difference, assured Kostic. “They want to advance human health and wellbeing, the health of our planet, and of our society. Researchers want to help understand who we are, why we are, where we and the world around us came from, and where we are (or ought to be) going next.”

Publishers have institutionalized the evaluation and validation of science through peer review. Researchers and publishers have been important partners in the scientific community, she reminds us.

Melody K. Smith

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