Researchers have developed a new online tool that allows users to navigate through an interactive microbial tree of life and to generate new scientific hypotheses and discoveries. This interesting news came to us from in their article, “Powerful online tool will help researchers make new genomic discoveries.”

Through AnnoTree’s Web-based interface, users may query any gene of interest. This comprehensive framework for exploring the evolution of microbial genes and functions can be used to advance research across a wide range of industries.

AnnoTree uses the recently developed Genome Taxonomy Database (GTDB), which provides a standardized, thorough description of the phylogeny and taxonomic nomenclature for over 27,000 bacteria and 1,500 archaea. All 28,941 microbial genomes in the GTDB were re-analyzed, and functional annotations were assigned to protein sequences during the development of AnnoTree. The resulting data is stored in an online database that is open and accessible to the research community.

There is power in increased understanding of gene function and diversity in microbes. It can lead to the identification of important biological phenomena such as the spread of antibiotic resistance, the evolution of bacterial pathogens, and other critical issues.

Melody K. Smith

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