2020 is here and the list of predictions for all things are being produced. It is no different for academic publishing. The Scientist brought us this information in their article, “What to Expect in the Publishing World in 2020.”

With the global push for open access in recent years and efforts from both academic institutions and funding agencies to make more of their content freely available to the public, 2019 witnessed some major developments in academic publishing. 2020 promises to deliver even more.

Likely on most people’s minds in the industry is the rumor that began to circulate last month that the United States government was planning on passing an executive order that would mandate all papers from federally funded research be open access immediately upon publication. This would abolish the 12-month paywall allowed under current rules.

As you can imagine, the response was spirited. More than 135 scientific societies and academic publishers penned an open letter to President Donald Trump’s administration strongly opposing such a policy. Most eyes will be focused on this issue as 2020 opens up with a bang.

Melody K. Smith

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