Edge computing is another one of those trendy terms in the world of technology. What does it mean and should you learn more about it? This interesting topic came to us from Information Week in their article, “When Planets Align: Edge Computing’s Game-Changing Potential.

At the very simplest, edge computing is the practice of processing data near the edge of the network where the data is being generated, instead of a centralized data processing warehouse. Emerging technologies that leverage edge computing are at the cusp of the journey. It will take years to emerge. The smart move may be to wait for the hype to settle.

It would take nearly 70 years for artificial intelligence (AI) to impact real life in a monumental way, i.e. transforming culture, industries and the economy with help from AI applications like Siri and Alexa, Pandora, Nest, customer service chatbots, and the predictive algorithms that drive Amazon and Netflix.

Melody K. Smith

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