What is a digital marketer? An organization that earns millions in revenue from the data they collect on previous, current and future digital consumers. This interesting topic came to us from Tech Native in their article, “The Rise of First-Party Data: Why Quality Matters Over Quantity.”

Digital marketers seeking to gobble up as much data as they can while not stopping to consider the source of or methods used to collect it. Quality over quantity has never been more relevant in online advertising and marketers must embrace first-party data or risk their digital campaigns being a complete failure.

The owners of first-party data not only have the most usable data at their fingertips, but are also continuously adding and refining their data as their users continue to engage on the owners’ platform.

The ways marketers acquire and use data changes daily. As accuracy and privacy concerns linger for digital advertisers, it will be even more important that the integration of first-party data into any successful digital marketing campaign continues.

Melody K. Smith

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