We have often discussed the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI), but what about the ecology of AI? How does it impact our environment? Tech HQ brought this topic to us in their article, “How is data-hungry AI affecting the environment?

With much focus and discussion around climate change, energy consumption, and greenhouse gasses, it is important to remember that data centers account for more than two percent of the world’s energy usage. On the grand scale of things, that seems small. But it isn’t, and it will rise dramatically in the coming years.

Businesses can help by better managing their data, particularly when it comes to AI. Specifically, when training AI, inaccurate data can hinder the technology’s ability to recognize patterns or result in biased outcomes and poor decision-making. It can also hurt the environment because training AI requires huge amounts of computational power which is exacerbated by poor quality data.

By optimizing the data processing and formulating solid data governance and quality strategy, organizations are taking strides towards more efficient (and more environmentally-friendly) processing.

Melody K. Smith

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