Voice Recognition and Semantic Search

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Voice is an emerging technology that still stumps some people. Voice or speaker recognition is the ability of a machine or program to receive and interpret dictation […]

Technology in 2020

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We are a month into 2020 and it is interesting to look back at what the predictions for technology movement were and if there […]

AI Used to Improve Image Search

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have the potential to measurably improve the accuracy of web search results. This isn’t really breaking news, but […]

The Power of Search

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Search is a fundamental part of life. We search for movies, music, and other entertainment on the internet. We shop for gifts and household […]

Making Content Findable

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Findability is always the goal for any data enterprise system. Successful search results are like winning the door prize at an event. We are […]

A Creative Taxonomy Experiment

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When Pinterest first came on the scene in 2010, it was an experiment in creativity and interests framed in a taxonomy. Social Media Today […]

Finding Value in Taxonomies

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Taxonomies are important and provide a valuable foundation for any enterprise search strategy. This interesting topic came to us from CMS Wire in their article, […]

Search with Meaning

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Semantic technology is a frequent topic of conversation in the information science world. Machine learning or semantic technology is the basis for most commercial […]

Semantic Technology Improves Findability

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Semantic search capabilities have the power to help solve many problems for organizations. It increases findability within the massive amounts of data available. But […]

Data Warehouse and Machine Learning

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A logical data warehouse is an architectural layer that sits atop the usual data warehouse store of persistent data. The logical layer provides several […]