Speech recognition is an emerging technology that still stumps some people. Speech or voice recognition is the ability of a machine or program to receive and interpret dictation or to understand and carry out spoken commands. Is there a place for voice recognition in advertising? This interesting topic came to us from Media Post in their article, “Preparing For The Future Of Voice Advertising.

A recent study estimated that more than one in three people will use voice search at least once a month this year. Mobile phones and voice technology have been around for decades, but voice search, however, is still in its fledgling days of development. This provides an avenue for advertising to grow with the technology.

Monetization of voice will likely be in an indirect manner. It’s more likely to come from shopping lists, subscriptions and finding locations, rather than direct purchasing. Google Ads has experimented some with this with little results thus far.

Semantic search helps providers learn natural language as they describe the objects around them and ask questions. Google’s organic algorithms are in better preparation for voice search by understanding the semantics behind the query and its relationship to the user and devices available.

Melody K. Smith

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