Findability is always the goal for any data enterprise system. Successful search results are like winning the door prize at an event. We are still surprised by the outcome and often say, “that never happens to me.” The Scholarly Kitchen brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “The Joy of Search: A Review.”

In the world of search engine optimization, findability in databases and taxonomies, search is a skill – one that not everyone masters. Daniel M. Russell holds the title of Senior Research Scientist for Search Quality at Google and for roughly 13 years, he has actively engaged in educating users in appropriate use of various Google search tools. Russell’s book can be viewed as an educational resource. Online search is complex, but starting with the basics is key. For example, the concept of GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage Out). It is important to train users on framing research questions and best practices in crafting a search query. This book does that.

Melody K. Smith

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