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Ethics and AI

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The term “artificial intelligence” (AI) always conjures up visions from Hollywood and science fiction, but it also tickles that part of our brain that […]

Text and Images

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Venga has released another solution in its growing suite of products for natural language processing (NLP) data dollection. InVimage is a cloud-based solution for […]

Digital Marketers Need Restraint

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What is a digital marketer? An organization that earns millions in revenue from the data they collect on previous, current and future digital consumers. This […]

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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All artificial intelligence (AI) is machine learning, but not all machine learning is AI. It has never been more important to know the difference […]

Machine Learning and Analytics

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Researchers have been comparing data analysis processes to find the best that can be delivered in terms of speed, quality of analysis and reliability. […]

Data Professionals in Demand

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Data and analytics capabilities have been the popular topics over the past few years. This isn’t surprising considering the volume of available data has […]

AI in the World of Art

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Science and art are not mutually exclusive. They often intermingle in many platforms. With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming incorporated into more aspects of our daily […]

Insight Into Data

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The data that insurers collect allows insight into their customers and their customer’s lives. The opportunity to leverage this data can result in offering […]

Machine Learning and Nature

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Machine learning is continually finding new applications. Those seeking to understand more about Earth have deployed armies of sensors listening for signs of slips, rumbles, […]

Emerging Technologies Now and in the Future

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While artificial intelligence and machine learning are the most common of new technologies hogging the headlines lately, there are other emerging technologies that are poised […]