All artificial intelligence (AI) is machine learning, but not all machine learning is AI. It has never been more important to know the difference before investing. Information Week brought this news to us in their article, “How to Effectively Vet for True AI in the Era of AI Washing.”

Sadly, many organizations’ leaders do not know the difference between machine learning and true AI. This comes from inherent skepticism and technological knowledge that just doesn’t exist across the board.

Most forms of machine learning are too simple to be considered true AI. Standard machine learning utilizes a series of algorithms developed using an input data set which then produces known outputs. This type of technology then picks up underlying patterns overtime and eventually makes simple predictions about new input date. Therefore, every action, decision and production are defined. Now, take this idea and flip it upside down. True AI is made up of the same machine learning algorithms, but none of the outcomes are defined and there is an unlimited number of possible outcomes that can be produced.

Clear as mud?

Melody K. Smith

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