Venga has released another solution in its growing suite of products for natural language processing (NLP) data dollection. InVimage is a cloud-based solution for annotating text within images. This interesting news came to us from Slator in their article, “Data for Machine Learning Gets a New Lease on Language.”

Understanding the text that appears on images is important for improving experiences, such as a more relevant photo search or the incorporation of text into screen readers increase accessibility for the visually impaired. Understanding text in images along with the context in which it appears also helps our systems proactively identify inappropriate or harmful content and keep our community safe.

What does this mean for users? When working with the ever-evolving machine learning, clients’s data grew. Traditional technology was no longer enough. Through the Human-in-the-Loop step, both the OCR and translation text can be reviewed and edited. This ensures clients receive the cleanest datasets possible for their training models.

Melody K. Smith

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