The data that insurers collect allows insight into their customers and their customer’s lives. The opportunity to leverage this data can result in offering the best customer experience. Digital Insurance brought this interesting piece to us in their article, “Unlocking proprietary data insights through AI.”

Constructing useful data sets is not always easy. Overcoming the challenges surrounding this process can often involve artificial intelligence (AI). The AI technology can ensure that your data is formatted correctly to glean actionable insights and effectively disregard the noise. Many businesses are implementing AI to access accurate and automation-ready data.

A high-quality data set should not be messy, because you do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning data. The cleaner the data, the better — cleaning a large data set can be incredibly time consuming.

Data sets are an integral part of the field of machine learning. Major advances in this field can result from advances in learning algorithms, such as deep learning.

Melody K. Smith

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