Technology is growing more advanced with each passing day. Organizations are working to design, develop, and test the newest technologies available. These emerging technologies promise new features and advanced capabilities that businesses of any size can take advantage of. This interesting information came to us from Solutions Review in their article, “4 Emerging Technologies You Can Use in the Cloud.”

When it comes to cloud computing, technologies have more opportunities and elbow room. Because of the huge amount of computing resources a cloud environment can provide for users, advanced technologies have the perfect place to grow and develop.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one perfect example. Companies are continuing to push the boundaries of what AI can do. Computer systems are becoming more intelligent, using machine learning to analyze data and make automated decisions and responses based on the analytics.

Another good example is the Internet of Things (IoT). More devices are connecting to the Internet every day, and it has gone beyond traditional electronics like computers and phones. Cloud environments allow for IoT devices to operate smoothly by allowing for them to have the resources necessary to run.

Melody K. Smith

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