Smart Search Equals Smart Content

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Medical search engine and database tools aren’t all equal. Depending on your needs, a clinician could gain access to dynamic data to diagnose and treat patients must faster than ever before. One of these options is ClinicalKey, which is now in beta testing.

Improving Content and Classifications

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Wielding SAS Text Analytics helps to reduce manual tagging, improves search results and supports ad revenue generation. This improved digital content performance is achieved by indexing, tagging and classifying data so that the ultimate in findability is achieved.

Labeling or Profiling?

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Labeling people based on behaviors is not a new technology or even behavior. This has been done since the beginning of time. However, with the advancement of semantic technology and the flood of data available, it has become overwhelming to discern a simplified approach to organization.

Semantic Enrichment Solutions

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TEMIS has launched the next generation of its flagship semantic content enrichment solution, Luxid(R). This semantic tagging platform automatically extracts relevant information and identifies relationships residing in unstructured data and facilitates links between similar and related documents.

Flickr as a Folksonomy

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Remember when you took film to be developed and then shared your packets of memories with friends? It seems so nostalgic, but this routine was occurring only a few years ago. Then came the age of digital photos which led to online photo sites, of which Flickr was born.

Automatic Tagging – How Intuitive Is It?

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Open Text Content Analytics engine that intelligently extracts meaning, sentiment and context from content.