TEMIS has launched the next generation of its flagship semantic content enrichment solution, Luxid(R). This semantic tagging platform automatically extracts relevant information and identifies relationships residing in unstructured data and facilitates links between similar and related documents.

Sys-Con Media brought this news to our attention in their article, “Semantic Content Enrichment Goes Mainstream with Newest Version of Luxid®.” Luxid(R) is powering the government’s mission-critical applications such as financial fraud detection, homeland security, and risk prevention. It is also firmly embedded in the world of digital publishers and content providers. Their seamless integration of semantic content enrichment in key enterprise applications and business processes is why they are a fan favorite.

Access Innovations makes heavy use of semantic modeling and digital design along with automation to mark up content whether in the conversion process from print to digital or from word processing formats to digital knowledge assets. Structure can be embedded automatically. Semantic enrichment is done automatically and simultaneously with the structure markup. “Aboutness” can be added using controlled vocabularies using our automated tools and processes. The results can be a wonderfully symbiotic relationship between print and digital. With a well-crafted semantic strategy the two are mutually supported.

Melody K. Smith

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