Internet of Things and Home Insurance

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Technology continues to advance, and in the process, enhance our lives, both personally and professionally. However, not everyone has caught up. This interesting information […]

Lucid Imagination Joins the SharePoint Crowd

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In a familiar story, we learned that Lucid Imagination released an update to their LucidWorks Enterprise product this week that includes a way of connecting the search tool directly to SharePoint repositories.

Name Disambiguation Musings

The Wall Street Journal on April 19, 2011 talked about the need for customer name authority control in banks. Okay, so maybe that is not what they said. What they did outline was the problem Arabic names and the many ways to state them gives to banks and other organizations which try to track the information or put a hold on funds for organizations like the example, Moammar Gadhafi. Also know as many other names. His first name could be transliterated as Muammar, Mummar, Mohamed Mahmut, Mehmud and more than 20 other variants. The same goes last name could be Gaddafi, Ghathafi, Elkaddafi, El-Kaddafi, Al-Gaddafi, Gadhafi, Qaddafi, Al-Qadhafi, El-Qaddfi, Qadhafi, Abu Miryar Al-Qahafi, Ghadaffi, and others. Any combination of these names is valid. There are further complications of the Abu or Al or El and other designations of honor make things even more interesting.

The Demise of Grammar at the Hands of Technology

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Texting may be faster, more efficient and mostly gets the job done. But the slippery slope of bad grammar we have taken from emails to texting has taken away all quality of writing and content. Using the smallest number of letters to get your message across does not equal writing.

Social Media at Walmart

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WalMart Stores has acquired Kosmix, a technology firm which searches and analyzes social media connections in real-time to deliver customized feedback to users.

Location Tool Drives Business

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LocalResponse launches its long-awaited public beta of their new tool that allows business owners to respond to their customers to drive transactions. Localresponse.com allows businesses to track their consumers in real time by organizing, indexing and prioritizing various location-based services.

Six Degrees of Indexing

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What would it be like to have search sites take your friends’ opinions into account when you look for restaurants? Newspaper sites that use their knowledge of what’s previously captured your attention online to display articles you are interested in? Sounds a lot like Amazon’s technology, doesn’t it?