April 22, 2011 – Everyone seems to be addressing the challenges of data – managing it, handling it, storing it. However, for startups that challenge is even more daunting.

We found this interesting information on Read Write Web in their article, “Access, Aggregation, and Other Big Data Challenges for Startups.” Findability, before and after integration, is a challenge for any size of organization. For a startup, it isn’t easy to access, utilize, or monetize from a new database. Gil Elbaz argues that it’s important to “grease the wheels” of data, something he has a personal interest in. His own startup, Factual, is an open data source for location data.

According to him, this open data model leads to “information singularity,” as do other efforts like data marketplaces, data search engines, semantic web mark-up, and better standards.

Melody K. Smith