Technology continues to advance, and in the process, enhance our lives, both personally and professionally. However, not everyone has caught up. This interesting information came to us from Digital Insurance in their article, “More IoT devices, but homeowners’ insurance adoption still lags potential.”

The Internet-connected smart devices that make up what is known as Internet of Things (IoT) are dramatically impacting the whole environment. Consumers are welcoming everything from smart doorbells to smart appliances into their homes. Sophisticated monitoring equipment can now control heating and cooling, provide external and internal security through access control and exterior monitoring, and optimize home entertainment. Video surveillance cameras and smart locks protect homes from intrusion and give homeowners peace of mind when they’re away. Lighting and HVAC controls make homes more comfortable, and smart kitchen devices make meal preparation easier and more convenient.

Insurance carriers believe these monitoring and incident reporting devices have the potential to lower home insurance premiums and improve customer satisfaction. As home technologies continue to evolve and data privacy/security concerns are addressed, consumers will likely become even more accepting of smart technologies and welcome the benefits.

Melody K. Smith

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