Ontotext has released GraphDB 8 – the latest version of their semantic graph database. It features a new data transformation functionality that makes it easier to leverage legacy data, establish interlinked enterprise master data and ultimately build a 360-degree data view. Yahoo Finance brought this news to us in their article, “GraphDB 8 Builds 360-degree Enterprise Data View as Linked Data.”

This is the second major release for 2016 and follows a substantial improvement of 25% speedup introduced in November 2016.

Semantic graph databases have the power to unleash knowledge through relationships. As organizations accumulate large stockpiles of data, it is important to have knowledge about what is in it. There are many ways to query data, but one of the most interesting approaches involves seeing how various pieces of data are connected, and what relationships exist among the data. Graph databases are especially good at this. Building 360-degree data views unlocks enterprise data potential and offers the best of both – preservation of the established data governance practices, and integration of all aspects of the enterprise knowledge as Linked Data. This all results in an improved environment for discoverability and data analytics.

Melody K. Smith

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