Which method works better: end-user or automated tagging? There are proponents for both sides of this ongoing debate, and in the end, it just might be a personal preference. CMS Wire brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Let Isaac Newton Improve Your End User Data Classification.”

Most agree that properly tagged content provides countless benefits. It is more organized, easier to find, optimized for search and indexing, and when also classified, is easily protected.

One would think that a document’s author is the best person to tell you about its content, but end users are notoriously inconsistent when tagging their own documents, even when companies have built cumbersome classification policies and procedures.

Automated tagging eliminates the problem of end users under-classifying their content, and can help reduce guesswork, human error and simple laziness.

Whichever camp you align with, the importance of classification to your organization should be directly proportional to the importance of security to your organization.

Melody K. Smith

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