The term CDO has long referred to Chief Data Officer, but there are some industry professionals would like to see this changed to Chief Digital Officer. This interesting information came to us from DATAVERSITY in their article, “Dawn of the Chief Digital Officer.”

Lobbying for the change, Langley Eide, Chief Strategy Officer at Data Science and Analytics platform vendor Alteryx says that the Chief Digital Officer title “leans forward into digital transformation,” and makes it clear that the person who holds this post is the person “driving the systems and capabilities that support that.”

There is a intersection between data, analytics, and digital transformation. This where barriers are removed and answers are achieved in revolutionary ways.

The position is unlike that of Chief Revenue, Marketing, Finance, HR and other high level leadership positions, which typically have a specific set of functions to accomplish that don’t necessarily involve digitally transforming how the organization runs.

Melody K. Smith

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