Data continues to pile up and it isn’t limited to one type of business or organization. This interesting information came to us from Financial Express in their article, “Elevating your research to the cloud.”

On a personal level, hundreds of millions of people take photos, make videos and send texts every day. For the business world, data is collected across the globe about consumer preferences, purchases and trends.

Drilling down to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, data growth is generated from several sources, including the R&D process itself, retailers, patients, and caregivers.

Life sciences firm, Thermo Fisher Scientific, is offering—Thermo Fisher Cloud—as a first step in providing a single access point for researchers to analyse scientific experiments in genomics, proteomics or metabolomics.

The benefits of the cloud is its ability to provide access to data without burdening users with the actual management of the data. That means no excuses.

Melody K. Smith

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