Businesses today are struggling to analyze and extract full value from the wealth of data being generated. Customer Think brought this information to our attention in their article, “The rise of the ‘citizen data scientist’ – how humanized machine learning is augmenting human intelligence.”

Even with spreadsheets full of data, they are overwhelmed with data and no answers. However, the answer may be with greater accessibility of machine learning through user-centric platforms. Unfortunately, machine learning has often been considered too resource-consuming, both in technology and time.

This is where “citizen data scientists” come in. They are employees who are not in a dedicated data science or analytics role, but can use a humanized machine learning platform to explore their data and easily deploy models to discover the value contained in the data.

This is a significant milestone in empowering data owners to quickly master their own data and complete operations at scale, without significant investment or expertise.

Melody K. Smith

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