The digital world of today is highly competitive. Data is currency, it contains the power. Data-driven businesses are not only able to provide a better, more targeted customer experience but can also understand and act upon new opportunities or threats ahead of the competition. Information Age brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Why data engineers are key to becoming a true digital leader?

Many CEOs are looking at large, expensive digital transformation projects to turn their traditional companies into a data-driven wonder. Becoming data-driven requires more than a willingness to adopt and integrate new technologies like machine learning. To truly be data-driven, data must be at the core of the business, literally and metaphorically. It also must be managed by the right professional.

Data scientists are a crucial part of a data-driven business. Their ability to unearth interesting and unusual data patterns, and develop predictive and analytical models, helps to discover new solutions that can lead to positive outcomes such as cost-saving. However, data scientists are not purely driven by business goals. Data engineers, on the other hand, are responsible for translating data insights into technical and data requirements to directly meet business objectives.

Melody K. Smith

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