Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is constantly showing new applications to make our lives easier. Despite how convenient it can be, there is a bittersweet element to it. The sweet side is that big data and machine learning can help humanity mitigate the impacts of climate change. Planet Watch brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article “Machine Learning Helping Us Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change.

As climate change progresses, we will see more intense hurricanes, heat waves, destructive thunderstorms and more. Machine learning can help us to prepare for and mitigate the damage that is inevitable. Scientists can understand climate change’s effects and make predictions via the data collected. However, the massive amount of information generated is too much for a team of humans to begin to sort and analyze. This is where machines come in handy. They can analyze this data, pinpoint patterns, and develop actionable insights.

Melody K. Smith

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