Knowledge is broad with wide classifications. It can be classified into individual and collective knowledge. And then there are the more specific subjects that get classified through taxonomies. This interesting topic came to us from CEO World in their article, “Knowledge Taxonomies That Every Industry Leader Needs To Know.

Specific knowledge is something most recruiters are looking for when it comes to executive leadership. The experience a prospective candidate brings to the table can also be classified into collective and individual.

Collective knowledge is part of the executive’s protocol and comes fairly natural at the higher levels of the organization. Individual knowledge can become a valuable resource by developing an organizational climate of openness for members to exchange their ideas and insights.

The classifications and facets of the knowledge continue to be broken down into taxonomies. From individual, group and organizational to the topic-centered scientific, philosophical and commercial side to knowledge.

Taxonomies of knowledge can be a tool for recruiters at all levels, but for leadership roles it is essential.

Melody K. Smith

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