Climate change and machine learning are not two topics you typically see together. However, recently a group devoted to considering how machine learning can help combat climate change hosted a ‘tackling climate change with machine learning’ workshop during this year’s International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) event with an “overwhelmingly positive response.” This interesting topic came to us from pv magazine in their article, “Tackling climate change with machine learning: The power of entrepreneurship.

Fellow chair Priya Donti, a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University, said, “Machine learning can be used to forecast solar and wind power production as well as electricity demand. These forecasts can then be sold to electricity suppliers or power system operators to help them more effectively balance the power grid.”

Other entrepreneurial efforts using machine learning were highlighted, all to emphasize the importance of climate change.

“Everyone understands that artificial intelligence is one of those leveraging technologies that can create quantum leaps in change very swiftly if you get product [and] market fit right,” said Jon Bonanno, chief experience officer of clean energy entrepreneurship non-profit New Energy Nexus.

Melody K. Smith

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