The Library of Congress (LOC) is looking for ideas on how to support digital research in the cloud. This interesting news came to us from GCN in their article, “Opening the Library of Congress to cloud-based computational research.”

They have received a $1 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud project and plan to test ”a cloud-based approach for interacting with digital collections as data”.

The LOC plans to explore three program areas and is asking the four researchers to submit project proposals that have broad disciplinary and public impact and that make use of computational methods that require large-scale access to collections and computational power. The three areas are early-stage exploratory research, advanced topical research and advanced technical research.

Researchers awarded contracts through this grant will have access to a set of LOC collections, computational resources in cloud infrastructure and research expertise from librarians experienced in digital scholarship. The research results conducted under the contracts will be captured in a report that will be made publicly available. All responses are due by Nov. 30.

Melody K. Smith

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